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Oct. 1: Egypt Behind, Greece Ahead

It was great to see so many of you at conferences this past week. We've now finished up our unit on Ancient Egypt. You can check Skyward to see how your students did on their notes and on the assessment. If anyone scored below 80% and needs to retake the test, be sure to check out the Egypt test review page in the "study" tab above.

This week, we're starting one of my favorite units- Ancient Greece. As with Egypt, we'll be studying Ancient Greece's geography, their religion, and major events in their history. We'll be covering some of the contributions of Ancient Greece to our modern world, such as democracy, and their art and architecture. We'll also learn about life in the city-states of Athens and Sparta.

Sept. 7: Wrapping Up Our First Units

We're well into the swing of things now. We have learned about the hunter/gatherers of the Paleolithic Age, and then the agricultural revolution of the Neolithic Age. Now we're just finishing up our study of ancient Mesopotamia. Today, we made clay tablets using Mesopotamian cuneiform. The tablets have to air-dry over the weekend, and your students will be taking them home on Monday.

We will be having our first unit tests of the year this coming Wednesday. In preparation for these tests, we will be doing several review activities in class on Tuesday. If you would like to study even more before we take the tests, click on the "study" tab above, and then click on the Early Humans and Mesopotamia images for a test prep study-sheet.

Aug. 23: Welcome Back to School

Welcome back to school, everyone! I'm excited to be your social studies teacher this year. Social Studies is my favorite subject, and by the end of the year, it just may be your favorite subject too.

In 6th grade Social Studies, we’ll be learning about all of world history. We’ll start with Paleolithic hunters and gatherers and move all the way to modern day current events. We’ll be studying Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece, Rome, China, other ancient cultures, and World Religions before our winter break. In January we’ll pick up where we left off, studying the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, Imperialism, Revolutions, Industrialism, the 20th Century, and the Modern World.

Feel free to contact me anytime throughout the year with questions, comments, or concerns. The easiest and quickest way to get a prompt reply is to contact me by email at richard.mellor@canyonsdistrict.org

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Have a wonderful fall recess, everyone. Enjoy your "Utah Escapes to Anaheim" break!

If you weren't satisfied with the first round of school pictures, today's your day for a second chance. Look sharp!

This is the very last day of Term 1. Make sure your grades are lookin' the way you want them before this day.