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About Class

Here you can find answers to the most common questions. If you have a question that you don't see answered here, please email me at: richard.mellor@canyonsdistrict.org

  • 1. What will we need for class each day?

    At Eastmont, each student is expected to have a 3-ring binder that contains all of their schoolwork and materials. Since backpacks are allowed at school, but not in individual classrooms, students should bring these binders to class each day. You can read more about binder requirements in the registration materials, in the main office, or theschool website's parent section.
    Our school also uses the Cornell note-taking method. I will give each student a packet of notes for each unit that we will study. We'll place these notes packets in our binders, so please bring your school 3-ring binder to class each day. We'll usually work on one page of notes each day, and then we'll turn them in at the end of each unit.

    Each student should also keep a fews pens and pencils, a highlighter, and a package of colored pencils in their binders.

  • 2. What are the school rules?

    Students are expected to be to school and all of their classes on time and to come prepared to learn. Every student has a right to a safe and supportive learning environment. Any behavior or action which interferes with the learning environment or jeopardizes the saftey of any student is therefore prohibited. See Eastmont Middle School's school-wide disclosure for more specific details about school and district policies. Policies and documents can be found on Eastmont Middle's website under the "policies" tab.
    We use the acronym RIP to help the students remember the school expectations. RIP stands for:



  • 3. What are the class rules and procedures?

    Class rules are an extension of the school rules. Here are my basic rules and procedures:



  • 4. What happens if I have a missing assignment?

    You will be zapped! ZAP is an Eastmont Middle acronym that stands for "Zeros Aren't Permitted." Some students and parents view ZAP as a punishment. This is actually not the case. ZAP is an opportunity for students to catch up on their work. We really don't want students to get behind on their work. If students come to class and they are not prepared with their homework completed, they will recieve a ZAP ticket from their teacher. This ticket will send the students to the "Homework Cafe" during their next lunch period. The steps of ZAP are:

    1. The student takes the ticket to the front of the lunch line, picks up their lunch and reports immediately to the ZAP room.

    2. The student works on homework that has not been turned in while eating lunch. Homework completed in ZAP is turned into the ZAP supervisor.

    3. If the student does not finish during lunch, the student and the supervisor call home to let parents know and gain permission for the student to stay after school to finish the work.

    4. Once the student has reported to the ZAP room the student will not be allowed to go to a locker, another classroom, etc. to get their work. The teachers send their homework down to the ZAP room before the students arrive.

    5. If a student successfully completes their work while in ZAP, they can turn it in to the ZAP supervisor and they are free to go.

    6. If a student completes an assignment that they have been ZAPed for before ZAP and they wish to be "unZAPped", they must turn in that homework personally to their teacher before school on the day of their ZAP.

    7. Students who are ZAPped 10 times are required to stay after school for a mandatory one-hour After School Detention. After 16 ZAPs the student will be required to come to Friday Morning School in addition to the after school detention. After School Detention and Friday Morning School require parent permission. If a student has 10 or more ZAPs and then goes 10 school days without a ZAP they will be reset back to 5 ZAPs.

  • 5. How can I contact Mr. Mellor?

    Like the "contact" tab states, you can contact me by phone or email. Emails is my preferred method and you'll probably get a faster reply that was as well. If you ever need to get ahold of me, send an email to richard.mellor@canyonsdistrict.org, or you're also welcome to call the school at (801) 826-7000 and leave me a phone message.