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Sept. 25: Conferences This Week

Hi all, just a quick reminder that Parent/Teacher Conferences are this week. Conferences will be held on Tuesday and Wednesday nights. (High school conferences are Mon/Tues, and elementary conferences are Wed/Thurs) Hope to see you all there!

Your students have also been doing a great job in social studies class so far. A few didn't do so well on the Prehistory and Mesopotamia tests, but they came in for Patriot Time and retook the tests and did just better. There are now only a few more students that I've stamped for Tuesday's Patriot Time, and hopefully soon everyone will be back to a B or higher. We're learning about Egypt now, and almost done with that unit. You can check the Egypt section of the "Study" tab for more information and resources.

Aug. 26: How Class Works

Hi all, I hope that everyone had a great first week of school.  I know that I really enjoyed meeting your students and working with them.  This year’s crop seems incredibly intelligent, hard-working, and independent.

I just wanted to give you a quick run-down of how history class works.  We will be studying history in a series of units.  These units are on topics such as Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, ect.  For each unit, your students will receive a packet of Cornell-style notes.  We’ll work on the notes in class for a few weeks, and then take some kind of assessment at the end of most units.  Students will turn their notes in for credit, about 20% of their over-all grade.  The assessments will count for the other 80%.

Cornell notes have a section for note-taking, plus additional sections for answering questions and summarizing the notes.  In my class (and many others at Eastmont) we’ll fill out the notes section on one day, and then fill out the questions column and summary sections the following day.  The purpose of this is to have the students look back at their notes a few times because that will help them retain the information better.

So far, we have completed all sections of the first and second pages of notes, and we have done the notes section of the third page.  Your students should have a bundle of notes in their binders behind the 4th tab (“social studies” or “history”) and they should have pages 1 and 2 complete, and page 3 half complete.

If for some reason your student did not complete these pages while we worked in class, I have finished samples that they can copy from on Monday. There are also resources available here under the “study” tab to help your students complete their notes.

I just wanted to give you a heads-up about how the class works.  If you understand a little about our school expectations, you can help your students stay organized and caught up.  

Thanks so much!

Aug. 25: Friday Late-Start

We made it through the first week! I hope that your students had fun, met new friends, and enjoyed their first week at Eastmont. I know I sure loved meeting them. The kids this year are an excellent bunch- hard-working, organized, mature, polite... you name it. They're a great group!

Just a quick reminder that unlike the elementary schools, Canyons District middle and high schools have a late-start Friday schedule. School will begin at 9:30am instead of the usual 7:50am.

Aug. 23: Welcome Back to School

Welcome back to school, everyone! I'm excited to be your social studies teacher this year. Social Studies is my favorite subject, and by the end of the year, it just may be your favorite subject too.

In 6th grade Social Studies, we’ll be learning about all of world history. We’ll start with Paleolithic hunters and gatherers and move all the way to modern day current events. We’ll be studying Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece, Rome, China, Africa, the Americas, India, and World Religions before our winter break. In January we’ll pick up where we left off: the Middle Ages, Renaissance, Imperialism, Revolutions, Industrialism, the 20th Century, and the Modern World.

Feel free to contact me anytime throughout the year with questions, comments, or concerns. The easiest and quickest way to get a prompt reply is to contact me by email at richard.mellor@canyonsdistrict.org

upcoming events

Our first Parent Teacher Conferences of the year will be held at the end of September, so please plan accordingly. Middle school conferences will be Tuesday and Wednesday nights, while elementary conferences will be held Wednesday and Thursday nights of that week.

There will be no school on Friday, September 29th. This day is a compensation day for teachers due to Parent Conferences.

Have a happy fall break, everyone. I'm off to beautiful Oregon!